Misr 2000 For Medical Conferences

The Annual Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Medicine Cairo-University

Welcome Message
Our conference will be held this year under the title Research-Healthcare-Economy Nexus. With this motto we want to emphasize our determination to pursue the path of research as a driving force for innovation, better healthcare and a flourishing economy.
This path emphasizes the pioneering role of Kasr Al-Ainy as a lighthouse for medicine and healthcare in the region and reflects the aspirations of the institution to foster its significant impact on economy and development beyond delivery of superb healthcare.
This conference will serve as a confirmation and renewal of the pledge that Kasr Al-Ainy will play its pioneering role not only to those seeking medical advice but exceeding that by
being the leader in purposeful scientific research to help in developing the health system and progressing the diagnostic , therapeutic means , pharmaceutical and medical
industries including an impact that cannot be overlooked on the economic system.
Scientific research, health care and economy are interconnected, interact and influence each other.
Research is pivotal for development of medicine including pharmaceutical and biomedical industries and provides the basis for evidence-based decisions in healthcare. Excellent
healthcare is a condition for individual well-being, a healthy community and a productive working force. Development and innovation in the healthcare sector attract investments,
research opportunities and talented human and, thus support economic development and create new job opportunities and this maximizes the feasibility of investment in
appropriate proportion with the local production in related health care and scientific research. On the other hand, a flourishing economy is more likely to expand investments
in healthcare and research.
Taking all this into consideration, we are designing our new research strategy to be centered around these relations aiming research with a higher impact on the individual
and society including health and beyond.

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Event Detail

July 16, 2024 9:00 am
July 17, 2024 5:00 pm
قاعة مؤتمرات - كلية طب، امام المبنى الادارى لكلية طب، Al Kasr Al Aini, Old Cairo, القاهرة، Egypt


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